There is always a new limit to overcome and in Limar we know this very well.
That’s why we have embarked on a new adventure to beat our Air Revolution previous aerodynamic achievements, and grant a new record in excellent aerodynamics performance, while offering the cyclist the highest levels of lightness, ventilation and comfort. You cannot but fall in love with AIR ATLAS at first sight: its lines seem forged by the wind, but they are actually inspired by the most aerodynamic shapes that nature and man have created:
the water drop and the airplane wings.

Ventilation is essential for the rider’s performance. With Air Atlas, ventilation is guaranteed by specific air intakes that allow a large amount of air to blow fast through the internal channels, cooling the rider’s head, and by Venturi effect to come out at the back, rejoining the flow that runs along the external surface of the helmet, free from obstacles: no vortex, no turbulence, just pure speed.

Every single component of Air Atlas has been carefully designed for comfort: the brand new Air Fit Evo adjustment system, integrated with a more comfortable strap, the new divider, minimal and ergonomic, perfectly adherent to the rider face, the Fidlock magnetic buckle. The most comfortable set up is finally completed by a pad system, carefully designed to optimize ventilation and comfort.

Lightness is a primary feature. Like for the other Air Revolution helmets, the weight of Air Atlas is extremely limited: only 220 grams (size Small)

Limar Air Atlas helps you improve your performance: excellent aerodynamic, extreme lightness, top ventilation and super comfort.
The fastest and most ventilated helmet in the space has arrived!

We didn’t stop here though. We created UFO, an unidentified object with a highly effective
function: to bring aerodynamics to new records. Unique, in the cycling universe, UFO can be locked onto the AIR ATLAS tail or removed, depending on weather conditions, type of race, providing you the top performance.
Certified recorded data from the tests carried out in the wind tunnel state that:
– At the speed of 40 km / h, Limar Air Atlas saves you 0.7 watts compared to Limar Air Speed
– At the speed of 50 km / h, Limar Air Atlas saves you 1.4 watts compared to Limar Air Speed
Limar Air Atlas is the fastest road helmet ever tested: the best of the best.

not just aerodynamics

The computer aerodynamic simulations first, the numerous tests in the wind tunnel, the collaboration with Vincenzo NIBALI and the ASTANA Team led us, step by step, to this amazing final result. The fastest and at the same time most ventilated helmet has arrived.


Technology In mould-triple shell
Air vents 7 front air vents + 4 naca vents, 6 rear vents, 6 inner air flow channels
Sizing system Air Fit Evo system with 5 levels height movement, self adjustment wings system and webbing connection
Pads Non allergenic washable comfort pads
Fit Pro
SPECIAL FEATURES UFO Speed Accelerator, Fidlock Magnetic Buckle
Size (cm) S (52-56) M (54-58) L (57-62)
Weight (g) S-220gr M-235gr L-260gr