The new collection stems from a desire for post-pandemic rebirth that has led our creative team to wonder:
“What if we added a disrupting chaos of prints and colours to a collection of hyper Technical products?
Shall we look at the past with nostalgia to recover energy and run with courage towards new horizons?
What if we added the glamour of living new emotions and celebrating our being unique to the extraordinary performance of air revolution products?”
A look at the past and a free vision have produced a collection that breaks the habits and adds liveliness, inspired by the unforgettable colours of the 60-70-80-90s. Here is how the shades of those years influenced the new Limar collection. Because the world is not only or black or white.


The key ideology of the 60’s is characterized by concepts of peace, love and freedom, in search of a new meaning in life. “Make love, not war” sums up this philosophy perfectly.
A triumph of floral prints, an explosion of colours with bright and brilliant shades, objects full of personality and combined together with bright chromatic contrasts.


The 70’s are the years of optimism and fun, they break old patterns with the past.
Very irreverent combinations of shades are dared, but above all, more daring style combinations.
The rainbow graphics, a more than popular print at the time, are often used in combination of pop shades such as orange and brown.


The 80’s mark the beginning of an era that brings the union between fitness and pop culture. The boom in sportswear breaks out, giving rise to the Shell Suit, which has become a true cultural movement, with extravagant colour combinations, and without any logical criteria.


Memphis, Fiorucci, Keith Haring are just some of the most influential representatives of twentieth century graphics, fashion, art and design. Even the 90’s are strongly influenced by this movement, contaminated by highly recognizable and never boring shapes and colours.