Astana Pro Team

Astana – Premier Tech is one of the most established and successful UCI World Teams in professional cycling, proudly backed by Kazakhstan and Premier Tech.
“We are a team of people with a passion for the most beautiful sport in the world: cycling. Riders and staff are proud of our rich history, our Kazakh-Canadian identity, and the way we ride our bikes. Always racing for a victory, together. United We Race”.
Limar has been the sponsor and official helmet supplier since 2017. And it is not just a simple supply, but a stimulating technical collaboration, with tests, analysis, technical reviews from the moment of design to the road testing , with continuous challenges and sharing to always achieve best performance.


Gazprom-RusVelo is a Russian professional continental cycling team. Active in pro cycling since 2009, the team is based in Lugano and is sponsored by the Gazprom gas company.
In 2016 Gazprom-RusVelo Team was invited for the first time in a Grand Tour: the Giro d’Italia.
Limar has been the sponsor and official helmet and sportglasses supplier since 2019.
The collaboration with the Team is always challenging and stimulating.